Why I Paused My Shopify Store

In this video I cover why I paused my Shopify Store.

  • Store has been operational for over 12 months
  • Store and associated costs were $200 per month to keep store running
  • Sales dropped to $1000 per month from $3000 per month
  • Business was running cashflow negative
  • Decided to pause store until I can establish new direction
  • Store sold t-shirts and jewellery
  • The last straw was 3 refunds due to supplier problems
  • The profit of $5 per t-shirt represents 16% margin
  • T-shirts are DTG printed locally
  • Low margins make profits so much more difficult
Where to now?
  • Take my Knowledge and apply it to a new niche
  • Research new opportunities
  • Looking for high margin products in high demand