What is POD?

In this video I cover a few Print On Demand suppliers. Which one’s I recommend and why.

Print On Demand

Print On Demand is a process where a product is printed as orders are received.
Example of T-Shirt Print on Demand

Examples of POD Suppliers

Some POD suppliers are standalone and you don’t need a store like Shopify to use them However if you do this you will not be building your own asset.
An example of this is Teespring
Teespring allows you to create an online store using their platform. Teespring bills the customer and offers customer support. Essentially you are building Teespring’s brand if you do this.
Printful is an example of a POD supplier that integrates with existing stores. You create your store and link it to Printful. You collect the money when you make a sale and you get Printful to fulfil the order. The customer has no idea that the product comes from Printful

Brand Building

If you want to build your own brand you must sell your products on your own platform. Some would argue otherwise. I say if you are going to sell your business and the potential buyer asks you how you get sales and you reply, “Oh I sell on Teespring, they collect the money and do customer support and fulfil orders. I get paid a commission on that sale.” The potential buyer would think that you are running a business on affiliate marketing. You will not sell your business. There is no asset. The asset you have are the designs, not the customers or traffic.