What are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

In this video I cover what exactly is Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads allow you to create ads on the fly, advertising a product on your store that the visitor viewed.
What Facebook says

It requires:
  1. Product Catalog
  2. Facebook Pixel setup on your store with a minimum of three events. View Content, Add To Cart and Purchase.
  3. Dynamic Ad Template
  4. Product Catalog Facebook Campaign
You can setup this manually or with an app.
Manually is extremely complicated and requires a good understanding of code.
An app on the other hand is easy.
Recommended Apps:
$14.99 Per Month
$19.95 Per Month
These apps install the pixels and creates the product catalogs.
Once app has been installed and you have followed all the instructions. You can go ahead and create your first Dynamic Ad.
Quick Breakdown of the steps in Facebook Ads Manager:
Open Facebook Ads Manager.
Create New Campaign
Select Promote a Product Catalog
Select Product Catalog
Create a Campaign Name
Associate Pixel with Catalog
Select All Products from Product Set
Select Viewed or Added to Cart But Not Purchased (14 Days)
Select Automatic Placement
Set Budget of $5 per day
Create Adset Name
Click Continue
Select Carousel Ad Format
Select Your Facebook Page
Modify Ad by updating See More URL and Text
Select a Call to Action Button
Add an Optional Display Link
Select Track All Conversions from my Facebook Pixel
Click Place Order
You now have successfully setup your first Dynamic Product Ad.

Ad Examples