How To Publish a Notebook from Evernote

In this video I show you how to find notes that you have previously tagged and move them into a new notebook. Then you publish the notebook and share your public link. In this example I have used a bunch of notes on KETO. I have been interested in this topic and over time I […]

How To Create Links to Files and Folders inside Evernote on a Mac

I have previously covered how to do this on a PC, you can find the article here. You would have been disappointed if you owned a Mac. Well don’t worry, in this post I will show you how to achieve linking to folders and files inside Evernote on a Mac. Sometimes it is handy to […]

Using Emoji in Evernote😃

⚠️🐹💘🍕 (Warning! Hamster loves pizza) I use emoji everyday in messages. 😀 It would be handy to have them in Evernote and now you can.🎆