Looking for a way to automatically sync Facebook leads to Autoresponders?
Check this out… http://syncleads.io/

Here is the problem I had. Facebook Lead Ads were awesome but the data had to be downloaded via csv file.
Basically you ran your ad and then manually download your subscribers and upload to the autoresponder. In my case i was using Getresponse. This was so painful that I didn’t use Lead Ads.

Along comes syncleads.io and problem solved.

Syncleads.io allow you to sync the leads from Facebook to your autoresponder. Now you can take advantage of the simplicity of Facebook Lead Ads and integrate into your autoresponder.

It took me a few minutes to setup and now the lead collecting and followup email sequence is all automated.

Here is a screenshot of how easy it is to setup the sync.

Here is the list of autoresponders you can integrate with.

If you have any questions, hit me up.