Should I Start With a General, Niche Specific or Product Specific Store?

In this video I cover the differences between General, Niche and Product Specific Shopify Stores.

General Store

A General Store is for the beginner. A perfect training ground to learn.
  • It is easy to add products from different categories
  • Wide variety of products to sell
  • When you sell a product that performs exceptional make this into a Niche Specific Store
  • The ability to upsell and cross sell is more difficult
  • Email Sales are more difficult because your customers purchase products from different categories
  • Facebook Ad Targeting is based on the product and not the niche
  • Not building a niche specific customer base
  • Difficult to build Facebook Fan Pages with general audiences 


Niche Specific

Ultimately the top selling stores are Nice Specific. I strongly recommend that you start with a Niche Store.
  • Build a Niche Specific List of Buyers
  • Facebook Ad Targeting is easy because you can focus on one Niche or one Category
  • Upsells/Cross Sells convert higher
  • Email Sales convert higher because the the product offer is matched the the existing buyers
  • If you choose a Niche that performs poorly you will need to start over with a new Niche
  • Selling products outside the Niche will not perform and lessen the authenticity of your store
  • If your Niche is not large enough you will not be profitable


Product Specific 

This store focuses on one product that is unique and exceptional.
Kickstarter campaigns are perfect examples of this as after successful funding the product is sold in a store.
To grow the store you must sell new products to the existing customer base.
  • Focused on Branding a Single Product
  • Less distractions
  • If product performs poorly you will need to start over
  • You will need to market new products related to the first product in order to grow your store

 Steps to Choosing a Niche

  1. Check out my post on how to discover Shopify stores ==>
  2. If you look at the top 200 stores you will discover that there is hardly any general stores. They are Nice Specific.
  3. What Niches are those stores in? Make a list.
  4. Research the Niche
  5. Choose a Niche