This week I came across some great links. In this post I cover apps for digital nomads (I love the sound of that), chrome extensions for productivity, OpenVid for recording quick vids in Chrome and ColorHunt.

Apps and Websites for Digital Nomads

I so love the idea of being a Digital Nomad. Although I am not one yet, I will keep trying. This post on lifehack has some great apps. I personally use Shopify, Rescuetime, Every Time Zone, EX Currency and Xero. Let me know what you use.

Chrome Extensions for Productivity

I use Momentum Dash, Todoist for Gmail, Buffer, Toggl, Rescuetime.



Ok, this is a cool tool. You can quickly explain something to someone using a video. The video is uploaded and a share URL is available. It is the quickest solution I have ever seen. Worth checking out.

The Pinterest of Color Pallets


This little website shows beautiful colors. Each color pallet is voted on by the users. If you are looking for great color ideas check it out. I am crap at choosing color schemes, that is why I use websites like this 🙂

This wraps up this week’s links. Hope you enjoyed them.