This week I came across some interesting stuff.

4K Stogram


Free Instagram Downloader for Mac OS X, PC and Linux

Last week I needed a way to download a few Instagram feeds for free. This program called 4K Stogram was the best I could find.

Here are some of it’s features:

It is free. If you start to download lots of photos or subscribe to multiple users it it prompts you for key to access unlimited photos and unlimited accounts. Currently the price is $19.99.

The Noun Project


The Noun Project is a massive database of icons. I use it sometimes when I need simple images for websites of software.

Search for icons and use in your projects. You give credit for use or pay $1.99 or signup for $9.99 per month and have access to unlimited royalty free icons.

The Freelance Stack


Are you looking for a great resource for links to best tools for Freelancers (anybody really). Checkout The Freelance Stack curated by Bonsai. Bonsai does invoicing, contracts and payments for freelancers. Some examples in the list is Xero, Pexels, Tin Eye, Buffer and many more.

The Complete Guide To Instagram Marketing by Buffer


If you really want to get a handle on Instagram advertising then you need to take a look at this guide. Buffer has really put together some solid content. The guide covers why using Instagram, setting up your profile, how to create a content strategy, 7 keys to cohesive content and how to increase growth and engagement.



Recently I had to download music from a youtube video. Found this program which does a great job. No adware, No Spyware. Just simple enough to download video or audio for Mac (sorry PC). The file formats that it supports are

And that does it for this week. hope you enjoy the link roundup. If you have any questions send me a msg on Facebook Messenger –>¬†

Catch you next time.