This week in my Link Roundup I cover Time Tracking for VA’s, resources to build your startup, learning CSS and the best WordPress Plugins for 2016. Enjoy 🙂

Worksnaps | Time Tracking with Screenshots for Remote Teams 2016-09-02 22-07-52

If you are using VA’s (Virtual Assistants), this tool is perfect for managing remote work. It will automatically track the time taken by your VA and show you snapshots of their screen while they work. Integrates with other software like Asana. Pricing is affordable, starting at $20 per month for 4 users.

Startup Stash - Curated resources and tools for startups 2016-09-02 22-17-36

I came across this great resource the other day. StartupStash allows you to search for resources and tools to help build your Startup (Business). The first box I clicked was Naming and checked out Naminum. Played around with it for a while coming up with some cool names. lol. Lots of info here. Take your time. Just bookmark it.

Learn CSS Layout 2016-09-02 22-26-59

If you are curious about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), this site is a really good introduction to how CSS Layout works. It goes step by step thru the basics and you can see the changes on your page as changes are made to the CSS. I have used this a few times now to refresh my memory. Good stuff.


This is a massive guide from from SumoMe. Offers links to 57 WordPress Plugins. Quite a few of these I have personally used. FB Message me if any questions on what ones I have used. They break it down into sections for SEO, List Building, Website Protection, Stats, A/B Testing, Design and User Experience, Social Sharing, Comments, Courses, Content Creation. Lots of value in this guide.

And that wraps up this weeks links.

Catch you later