This week I thought I would do something I haven’t done before and that is a link roundup. Every week I will post a link roundup of my favourite links that I have come across during the week.

I found this last week in my Facebook newsfeed and I must say it looks awesome. The appeal is my wife and I are going on a cruise soon and I have zero luggage. Definitely feel a little safer having this with me.


Started listening to their podcast this week. Mike and Grant know what they are talking about when it comes to Ecom. I find the info valuable. If you want to understand how to build a Ecom business you need to check them out. Listened to all 41 Episodes twice so far. Yes I am a podcast junky.

The Complete, Always Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising

The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

Buffer sent me this email and I was impressed with the quality of the guide. It covers so much information on Facebook advertising. If you are just getting started with Facebook advertising you need to look thru this guide and see what you can pickup. They also have a PDF version as well.


Found this cool FREE app for screenshots. Yes there is a million of them. This one is cool. Check out the puppy dog ^^^ Sam, how cute 🙂 BTW you will need a Mac to run this little app. I am still testing this app and will tell you more about it as I learn more.

And that is a wrap for this weeks links.

Hope you enjoyed them.

If you have any questions, message me