Link Roundup 18-11-16

This week I came across a service that duplicates, prints and sends your CD/DVD’s while researching funnels. Found an awesome resource for learning about developing websites and apps. And finally, if you are looking to research on websites I have found a free site that give’s you great data.


Disc Delivered

cd-smallIf you are looking to create a free plus shipping CD or DVD offer Disc Delivered will duplicate, print and mail your CD’s or DVD’s. It is easy to sign up. You will need an initial $50 deposit to get started. At the moment it costs $5.99 per CD/DVD. Design the self-mailer and disc artwork. Send artwork and physical copy of CD/DVD. Setup your platform so that orders are automatically processed. 

A Huge Collection of Free Books for Developers

2016-11-19_17-21-30High quality resources for developers. If you want to learn any of the languages or platforms you need to check this out.

Get insights on any website

If you are looking for information on a website like traffic, paid advertising and demographics, check it out.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s link roundup.