This week was interesting with all the updates from Evernote. I downloaded the latest updates for Windows, Mac and iOS. There are some new cool features. Found a new solution to replacing app integration with Evernote called Cronofy. Needed to add Stripe integration to a WordPress today. After some research I came up with WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe. Easy to setup Stripe Payment Solution for WordPress.

Evernote Updates

Evernote just released info on their blog regarding the latest updates for Evernote. Here is a summary of those updates.

Evernote for Windows

Evernote for iOS



Just when Sunrise has been put to rest ☠️☠️☠️, a few calendar integrations for Evernote have appeared. Cronofy is one of them. It’s free to create an account. Connect Evernote and a calendar and sync your notes. Essentially when you set a reminder for a note, it syncs with your calendar. I love to see reminders on my Google Calendar.

WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe


This plugin is perfect for accepting Stripe payments on WordPress. You will need a SSL Certificate to use this plugin.

Hope you have enjoyed this week’s link roundup.

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