How To Setup Your Free Plus Shipping Rates in Shopify #2

This video covers the Free Plus Shipping method and to setup the Shipping Rates in Shopify. This is part #2 of this series.

In Shopify you have only 3 ways to control shipping
Pricing,Weight and Real Time API
Pricing is calculated on total checkout value
Weight is calculated on total checkout weight
Real Time API will check with the shipping carrier for prices in real time and use them to calculate shipping prices.
The Free Plus Shipping method is whereby the item is free (price set to zero) but the customer pays for shipping and handling.
Free Plus Shipping is generally used with Aliexpress.
The Free Item is to be considered as inexpensive to purchase and easy to post. The shipping from Aliexpress is often Free using China Post or a few bucks with Epacket. Strongly recommend using Epacket.
Free Plus Shipping Offers requires Per Item Shipping feature which is not available in Shopify without access to the Shipping API and third party apps.
The best way to setup shipping rates is by using an app like
Advanced Shipping Rules app offers per item shipping which is what you need to do Free Plus Shipping offers and Standard products correctly.
Free Plus Shipping offers can be setup using price and weight but have LIMITATIONS.
The best method to setup Free Plus Shipping without the Shipping API and Third Party Apps is as follows.
All Free Plus Shipping Items are set to 1Kg or 1lb
All Standard Items are set to 0.1 Kg or 0.1lb
Maximum Checkout Weight is 5 Kg.
This means maximum of 5 Free Plus Shipping Items can be purchased.
It also means a maximum of 50 Standard items can be purchased without any Free Plus Shipping items.
A combination of Free Plus Shipping and Standard items can be purchased together.
No more products can be purchased once the 5kg limit is reached.
If you add “Free Shipping for Orders over xxxxx” by using the Price Based rules, any Free Plus Shipping items will be FREE to the customer.
If your standard items ship FREE then I suggest you don’t do Free Plus Shipping.
The shipping rules are setup as follows:

Free Plus Shipping Items
Standard  Items

This table is courtesy of:
Jake Wilson
Here is what the shipping table looks like in Shopify


You will notice that the range from 0.6 to 0.9 is missing and also between 1.1 – 1.9, 2.1 – 2.9, 3.1 – 3.9, 4.1 – 4.9.
When a shipping weight range is missing Shopify automatically selects the higher weight range.
E.g. If one Free Plus Shipping item is purchased with one standard item, the weight would be 1.1kg. This will cause Shopify to select the 2kg rate of $17.95.
The maximum weight is 5kg and no customers can checkout with more than 5 Free Plus Shipping Items.
Edit the Saved Packages and change the weight to zero. If you don’t do this the shipping method will not work correctly.


Print On Demand (POD)
If you are using Print On Demand suppliers you will need to include the delivery/shipping cost into the price of your product. Most Print On Demand suppliers charge shipping per item and you cannot charge per item. Do not sell international unless you have installed an app like Advanced Shipping Rules.
Your store and POD supplier should be in the same country.
For example. If you are in the United States and you open a Shopify store  in $USD and located in USA. Your POD suppliers must also be in the United States. The reason for this is your currency between the store and the supplier will be the same and you can calculate correctly your selling prices. If your store is a different currency to suppliers you will have problems pricing products and problems with International shipping.
If you are in Australia (or other Country) do not setup a Shopify store in your local currency and try and setup integration with USA POD suppliers. Your store currency needs to be the same as your POD suppliers. You will experience problems with currency conversions, accounting, lost sales from checkout currency being different to the customers currency.
Advanced Shipping Rules app integrates with Printful and allows you to setup shipping rates per item.
There are a few methods described on how to do the Free Plus Shipping Method but practically all of them are unworkable. Other methods include limiting the free plus shipping items using Order Limits app or per item shipping using Better Shipping App. Both apps have reliability problems.
This method has limitations, however it works! Don’t over complicate things. If you have a special scenario where this method may not work for you, I strongly suggest the Advanced Shipping Rules app.
If you need to adjust the prices go ahead and change them to suit.
Hope you have learned something from how I setup my Free Plus Shipping rates. If you have any questions please comment below.
I am not affiliated in anyway with Advanced Shipping Rules app. It just rocks!