This guide has been written to help you setup Evernote to get stuff done. The basics of using Evernote can be found on the Evernote website. What I cover in this guide is how to setup correctly with notebooks and tags, using to-do lists to get stuff done and integrating Evernote with other apps to make you more productive.

The first chapter of this guide I cover how to get started. Specifically how to setup your Evernote environment. The most important information on using Evernote is here. These steps show you what you need to make Evernote work quickly and smart.

The second chapter covers how to get stuff done. The actual process for capturing information, tagging, reminders/checklists, sharing, taking action and reviewing.

The third chapter covers how to integrate Evernote with other apps and make you more productive. Specifically shows solutions for calendars, advanced to-do lists, real-time collaboration, backup, content curation and advanced services.

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