I have previously covered how to do this on a PC, you can find the article here. You would have been disappointed if you owned a Mac. Well don’t worry, in this post I will show you how to achieve linking to folders and files inside Evernote on a Mac.

Sometimes it is handy to link to external files. We are used to shortcuts on the desktop and it is a quick and easy way to open your document.

To create the links you will need an app called PathSnagger2 by www.bergenstreetsoftware.com. You can download app from the App Store.

You can download the app from this link.

The app currently costs $1.29.

Once installed you will need to open the app. The app can be found in LaunchPad or Shift + Cmd + A. Double-click the PathSnagger app.

1# Click PathSnagger->Preferences from the menu at the top.


#2 Change Path Style from POSIX to File.

#3 Tick Automatically Quit After Snagging.

#4 Tick Display Growl Notifications.


#5 Close window.

To use PathSnagger do the following:

#1 Find a file or folder in Finder and Right-Click, this will bring up the options menu.

#2 Select Services->Snag Path. The path will be copied to the clipboard.


#3 Open Evernote and open a note or create a new note.

#4 Cmd + K will allow you to insert a link.

#5 Cmd + V to paste link.

#6 Click Ok.


The link will be in Evernote. Just click the link to open the file or folder. A warning message will appear, just click Ok.

Remember, if you move the original file or folder the link will not work. You will need to recreate the link.

Hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions please email me garth[at]garthscaysbrook.com.