Evernote Web Clipper
Evernote Web Clipper

Web Clipper is a must have Evernote extension. It is used for saving web pages to Evernote and is extremely good at it. You can download it for Firefox,Safari,Chrome,Opera and Internet Explorer. Web Clipper is awesome for researching, saving your favourite web pages and clipping articles to read later on mobile devices. As of writing if you use Safari and Chrome versions you have access to following new new features:

● Article Clipping – Article smartly clipped

● Simplified Article Clipping – just shows the content without all the extra

● Full page – entire web page

● Bookmark-one image and snippet of page

● Screenshot – takes a snapshot of web page

● Markup Tools-arrows,text,stamps,crop,highlighter

● Saving-smart filing and easier notebook searching

● Sharing-Evernote URL,Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and email

● Add Reminders to Web Clips

Just to give you and idea how awesome Evernote is, this entire book was researched using Evernote Web Clipper. I would find great content that I wanted to reference later, so I would save the web page or clip the article directly into Evernote. This was invaluable for writing this book. Anytime I wanted to find content I just searched and Evernote would display the content nicely.

Download and Install Evernote Web Clipper


To use Evernote Web Clipper, click the Evernote icon on the toolbar.

The first time you use this extension/plugin you need to login with your username and password.

You can choose what Notebook you want to put the article in and add tags and comments.

The clip button gives you an option of clipping the article,URL or full page.

Web Clipper
Web Clipper

If you use the latest chrome extension the window is now a sidebar with more options.

Web Clippe
Web Clipper for Chrome

The old way of bookmarking or adding favourites is dead. Evernote Web Clipper allows you to save and search later. Most favourite/bookmarking tools allow you to search, however it is usually limited to the title of the page and the description. With Evernote Web Clipper all words and images are indexed so that you can easily find something latter.