When navigating with links inside Evernote it us useful to know the keyboard short cut to get back to your previous note.

For example, you may have created a Table of Contents note with links to various notes. When you click on these links the new note will open. It is not apparent how to get back to your previous note. On the toolbar you will see 2 arrows; left and right. You can click these buttons or use the nifty keyboard short cuts to save time. The short cut is Alt + Left Arrow  or Alt + Right Arrow.

back-forward navigation

If you want to go back to a previous note all you need to do is:

Alt + Left Arrow

If you want to forward to your note all you need to do is:

Alt + Right Arrow

Remember that you have to previously navigated the notes for it to work. If you open Evernote and click on a note and try it, nothing will work. You need to click on multiple notes thus creating a history of what notes you have already seen.Alternatively, you can click on links within Evernote achieve the same outcome.