A few weeks ago we purchased a shiny new microwave. Plugged it in to nuke something to eat. Zap! Then silence and darkness. Ok, what just happened? I’m thinking, trip switch. Maybe the microwave shorted out. So, out to the power box to flip the switch. Not so lucky, no switch, just an old style fuse. Problem, no fuse, no power, no hot food and no Internet. OMG this can’t happen.

Off to the hardware store to find a replacement, thankyou Bunnings. So after a short interlude, installed new trip switch to replace fuse. Awesome, power was back on and so was the Internet but not so lucky for the Microwave. It was dead. Here’s the thing, this was not the first time something like this had happened. In fact this house was cursed. This is when we decided to move house.

Now when you move house you need a list, more specifically, an Evernote Moving House Checklist. And that is what I created to maintain my sanity while we move. So here it is the process I used:

1. Create a list of everything you need to do to move house.

Your list can be general or you can be very specific. The important thing is to write it down. Later when you are busy moving stuff you may not remember a really important point which may cost you time and money. Don’t worry about order of the list at this stage. Here is an example of my list.


Now we are going to link some of our checklist items to other notes. I found that some of the items needed more information. The easiest way to manage this is by using Copy Note Link feature. If you don’t have any other notes. Thats ok. If you need add notes later, you can link them. Just follow the steps:

#1.1. Link other notes with additional information to your list using the Copy Note Link feature. Right click on the note that you want to link and click Copy Note Link.


#1.2. Highlight one of the items in your list and Right Click bringing up the Popup menu. Click Hyperlink->Add.


#1.3. Press CTRL + V to paste the link into the Add Link window. Click OK.


#1.4. The link is now complete.


#1.5. Click link and you will open up note.


#1.6. To return to previous note click Back Arrow. (Shortcut hack is ALT + Left/Right). This will take you back to Moving House Checklist.


#1.7. Go ahead and link as many notes as you want. In the following example I have linked 3 notes.


2. Start checking off the items on your list. 🙂

Now you could swap the list around, put them in some chronological order, but I didn’t bother. It worked for me.




Now this list is not complete. It serves a purpose to remind me. If you have different items don’t forget to include them in this list.

3. During the process all documents, photos and related information was archived in Evernote.

#3.1 Used Web Clipper for Chrome to clip rental listings.



#3.2. Saved contact information from Real Estate by sending to Evernote via email.

#3.2.1 Open email and click Forward.


#3.2.2 Type in or Select Evernote email address.

#3.2.3 Edit Subject.


#3.2.4 Add #moving or what ever tag you like the the subject line. Make sure tag exists in Evernote first.


#3.3. Made reminders to call Real Estate Agent on iPhone using Evernote for iOS



#3.4. Forwarded email conversations between Agent and myself from Gmail to Evernote

#3.5. Received application via email. Printed and Signed (Old School). However signed app was scanned with HP Officejet Pro 8600 and sent to a folder on my laptop where it is automatically imported into Evernote.

#3.5.1 Click Tools->Import Folders.



#3.5.2 Click Add.



#3.5.3 Select folder to import files. You can also create a folder. Click OK.


#3.6. Photos taken on exit and entry reports were archived into Evernote using Evernote for iOS on iPhone.

#3.6.1 Tap Photos.



#3.6.2 Tap the photos you want to archive. Click Done.



#3.6.3 Change Title of Note and Sync.


4. On completion of the moving experience I archived the Moving House Checklist by moving it to the Archive notebook.

#4.1 Click !Inbox.


#4.2 Click Archive.




I hope this process has been useful and gives you some ideas how you can use Evernote. Please comment and ask questions. If you have suggestions please comment. If you find this post helpful please share.