Evernote has just added another awesome feature to Evernote for Windows. It’s called Annotate Your PDF’s.

1. Click Annotate icon.


2. Tools (1) are used to annotate the PDF. Functions available are: Arrow, Text, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Elipse, Line, Marker, Highlighter and Stamp. The section at the top (2) allows you to see what page you are on and navigate to another page clicking the up and down arrows or entering a page number and pressing Enter. The section on the right (3) allow you to navigate to pages by clicking on the thumbnails.


3. Click the Rectangle icon on the toolbar on the left. Click and drag a rectangle around text. Click the Colour icon to change colours. Click the colour you want. Click Text icon. Click on the screen. Type something. Click Arrow icon. Click and drag to form an arrow.


4. Navigate to another page. Click Stamp icon. Click on the screen where you want the stamp. Click Colour icon. Click a new colour. Click on screen where you want to write some text. Type text.


5. Click Edit. Click Include Annotation Summary from the menu. Click File, Save and Exit or close the window to save.


6. Summary of Annotations will appear. The number of annotations on how many pages display in the Summary (1). The section on the right (2) shows what type of annotation and how many used. The bottom left section (3) represents the which annotation you are displaying.


7. Scroll down and you will notice annotation (1) is the second annotation represented as “#2”. On the right (2) you will see what page number this annotation is on.


8. This gives you a little of what this new feature does. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all the tools. Just use a copy of a PDF in case you are worried about making a mistake.