So you have a Free Shopify Theme and it has been a good experience. You are thinking of upgrading because you have checked out all the featured stores from Shopify and they look awesome.

Well before you go spend some serious money you need to ask a few questions.

Here are just a few to consider:

These are just some of the questions I asked myself just today when i was choosing a new theme. Now if you screw up and choose the wrong one, you can always purchase another. It’s just money. lol.

Anyhow I chose Weekend.



The cost was $160US. Very happy with it. Now all the hard work begins to adding code for facebook pixels, app integration, etc.

Here is the link to Weekend theme.

Don’t buy a theme until you really need too. You can spend a fortune on apps and themes and make a sale. I suggest you make sales with a free theme until you ready to increase your conversion rate.

Check ya later